"The Art of Peace" Education Manual

Chapter 8 - Ten Rules for Success & 17 Principles of Personal Achievement:

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"The Art of Peace" Education Manual

We suggest several ways to get the most out of this Peace Education Manual:

1) Which 7 verses in each chapter are your favorite? Why?
2) Which 5 verses in each chapter apply most to your current life situation? Why?
3) Which 3 verses in each chapter do not apply to your current life situation? Why?
4) Which verses in each chapter do you disagree with? Why?
5) How do you rate each chapter on a scale between 1 (dis-like), 5 (like) & 10 (really like)? Why?
6) If you were to add to this peace manual, what insights would you add? Why?
Would they be mostly Mental insights, Emotional insights, Physical (health) insights, Spiritual insights, or Enlightenment insights? Why?
7) Which type of insights are most important to you? How much could you benefit from learning more about the other types of intelligences currently available to the human race? (what types of intelligences do you see in our future?)
8) Between 1 & 100, how would you rate this peace education information: 1 being poor, 50 being average & 100 being excellent? Why?

The entire website with minimal graphics is shown below (which is great for easy personal printing and reading) but we recommend printing each chapter individually (see table of contents directly below) in order to get verse-by-verse reference numbers which will aid in group discussions & training.

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Chapter 0 - Peace Building Outline,
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Chapter 6 - Stages of Life, ... Printer Friendly Chapter 6 - click here
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These first 9 chapters linked above are the only ones that have education numerals assigned to each verse for "International, Congressional, Local, Classroom, Family, Freinds and Individual" reflection, discussion, education and printing purposes.
Chapters 10 thru Chapter ?? to be included with numerical index online soon. We appreciate your patience.
The rest of this web page consists of the entire World Peace Newsletter website, with minimal graphics (printer friendly) without the assigned numerics to each verse. We hope both these versions prove helpful to you.

Chapter 8 - Ten Rules for Success & 17 Principles of Personal Achievement:

10 Rules for Success & 17 Principles of Personal Achievement:

by Napoleon Hill (1920), Author of "Think and grow 'Rich'; "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude" & "Keys to Success: 17 Principles of Personal Achievement" (also known as the 17 Keys to Success). He also promoted the incredibly important concept of "the law of attraction and abundance". The funny thing about his "Think and Grow Rich" book, was that we at World Peace Newsletter did not really want to read this book because we don't really have a strong desire for great monetary riches. After finally reading the book (at the advice of friends), we were amazed at how much of this book is about "internal" riches. In a sense, it is helping us reach our "definite major purpose" of inner riches without requiring us to make a lot of money (and pay the life costs often involved in attaining a lot of money).

10 Rules For Success:

8.1- Set your head and heart upon a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE and go to work, right where you stand, to attain it; and begin NOW.
8.2- Adopt and follow the habit of GOING THE EXTRA MILE by rendering more service than you are paid for, thus enlarging the space you may occupy in the world.
8.3- Control your MENTAL ATTITUDE and keep it always positive and free from the spirit of defeatism.
8.4- Apply the GOLDEN RULE in all your human relationships, no matter what others may do.
8.5- Learn all that others have discovered in connection with your endeavors, occupation, job or business, and profit by their experience, thus saving yourself both grief and loss of time.
8.6- Be prudent with your diet, exercise regularly, and avoid dependance on drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
8.7- Keep your dominating thoughts upon the things you desire and demand in life, and off the things you do not desire. (the law of attraction)
8.8- Learn to transmute your sex emotion into the attainment of your DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE, at will, remembering that this is a creative force of unknown and unlimited possibilities.
8.9- If you work for another person, do your work HIS WAY, not yours, and do it in a gratious, pleasing manner.
8.10- Instead of criticizing others (no matter how much they may deserve it) devote your time to the discovery of traits of your own which should be corrected lest they provide the basis of just criticism against you.

17 Principles of Personal Achievement (also known as the 17 Keys to Success):

8.11- 1. Develop a Definiteness of Purpose.
8.12- 2.Establish a Mastermind Alliance.
8.13- 3. Assemble an Attractive Personality.
8.14- 4. Use Applied Faith.
8.15- 5. Go the Extra Mile.
8.16- 6. Create Personal Initiative.
8.17- 7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude.
8.18- 8. Control Your Enthusiasm.
8.19- 9. Enforce Self-Discipline.
8.20- 10. Think Accurately.
8.21- 11. Control Your Attention.
8.22- 12. Inspire Teamwork.
8.23- 13. Learn from Adversity and Defeat.
8.24- 14. Cultivate Creative Vision.
8.25- 15. Maintain Sound Health.
8.26- 16. Budget Your Time and Money.
8.27- 17. Use Cosmic Habitforce.

Peace for All & All for Peace

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