"The Art of Peace" Education Manual

Chapter 7 - Good Day / Bad Day Checklist

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"The Art of Peace" Education Manual

We suggest several ways to get the most out of this Peace Education Manual:

1) Which 7 verses in each chapter are your favorite? Why?
2) Which 5 verses in each chapter apply most to your current life situation? Why?
3) Which 3 verses in each chapter do not apply to your current life situation? Why?
4) Which verses in each chapter do you disagree with? Why?
5) How do you rate each chapter on a scale between 1 (dis-like), 5 (like) & 10 (really like)? Why?
6) If you were to add to this peace manual, what insights would you add? Why?
Would they be mostly Mental insights, Emotional insights, Physical (health) insights, Spiritual insights, or Enlightenment insights? Why?
7) Which type of insights are most important to you? How much could you benefit from learning more about the other types of intelligences currently available to the human race? (what types of intelligences do you see in our future?)
8) Between 1 & 100, how would you rate this peace education information: 1 being poor, 50 being average & 100 being excellent? Why?

The entire website with minimal graphics is shown below (which is great for easy personal printing and reading) but we recommend printing each chapter individually (see table of contents directly below) in order to get verse-by-verse reference numbers which will aid in group discussions & training.

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Chapter 7 - Good Day / Bad Day Checklist, ... Printer Friendly Chapter 7 - click here
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These first 9 chapters linked above are the only ones that have education numerals assigned to each verse for "International, Congressional, Local, Classroom, Family, Freinds and Individual" reflection, discussion, education and printing purposes.
Chapters 10 thru Chapter ?? to be included with numerical index online soon. We appreciate your patience.
The rest of this web page consists of the entire World Peace Newsletter website, with minimal graphics (printer friendly) without the assigned numerics to each verse. We hope both these versions prove helpful to you.

Chapter 7: Good Day / Bad Day Checklist

7.0- By reviewing the activities below and checking the ones you accomplished today, you can get a rating on the kind of day you've had. A score over 15 is a great day. 10 - 14 is a good day. Under 10, you need improvement. . .

Did you do some of the things in the following categories today?


7.1- Brighten someone's day?____
7.2- Smile/Laugh?____
7.3- Think positive thoughts?____
7.4- Help someone?____
7.5- Enjoy Life?_____

Left Brain Activities

7.6- Exercise?____
7.7- Clean?____
7.8- Educate yourself?____
7.9- Work or seek work?____
7.10- Set new goals and/or plans to reach them?____

Right Brain Activities

7.11- Listen to music?____
7.12- Draw, Paint or do Photography?____
7.13- Dream?____
7.14- Philosophize?____
7.15- Relax?____

Whole Brain Activities

7.16- Learn from a failure?____
7.17- Learn from a success?____
7.18- Use intuition?____
7.19- Play?____
7.20- Meditate/Pray? ____

Time Activities

7.21- Spend time with significant other?____
7.22- Time with family?____
7.23- Time with friends?____
7.24- Time alone?____
7.25- Time with nature / the planet?

Health Activities

7.26- Eat Properly?____
7.27- Drink 6-8 glasses of water?____
7.28- Get the proper amount of fiber?____
7.29- Get the proper amount of vitamins?____
7.30- Get the proper amount of rest/sleep?____

Peace Activities

7.31- Count your blessings?____
7.32- Pray for others?____
7.33- Pray for the World?____
7.34- Think about Peace?____
7.35- Help someone else discover the joy of peace?____

NEGATIVES: . . (subtract 1 for each check mark)

7.36- Yell at someone?____
7.37- Fight with someone?____
7.38- Hold resentment against another (justified or not)?_____
7.39- Talk down to yourself?____
7.40- Pity yourself?____
7.41- Worry excessively?____
7.42- Over/under eat?____
7.43- Sleep poorly last night?____
7.44- 4-6 or more drinks yesterday?____
7.45- Think unkind/evil thoughts about someone?____

7.46- Hopefully you scored well but the real point of the exercise is to learn to focus on the positive aspects of life and count our blessings.

7.47- It would be great if we all helped each other out, particularly when our personal skills apply to the opportunity at hand. Could it be that "an eye for an eye" should be interpreted as "when you save an eye you actually save your own also?"

Peace for All & All for Peace

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