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Peace within means peace without.

Good Day / Bad Day Checklist:

By reviewing the activities below and checking the ones you accomplished today, you can get a rating on the kind of day you've had. A score over 15 is a great day. 10 - 14 is a good day. Under 10, you need improvement. . . Did you:

Brighten someone's day?____ Smile/Laugh?____ Think positive thoughts?____ Help someone?____

Exercise?____ Clean?____ Eat Properly?____ Drink 8 glasses of water?____ Relax?____

Learn from a failure?____ Create something?____ Use intuition?____ Play?____

Time with significant other?____ Time with family?____ Time with friends?____ Time alone?____

Learn something new?____ Work on a goal?____ Have a success?____ Think about Peace?____

Count your blessings? _____

NEGATIVES: . . (subtract 1 for each check mark)

Yell at someone?____ Hold resentment against another (justified or not)?_____

Talk down to yourself?____ Pity yourself?____

Worry excessively?____ Over/under eat?____

Sleep poorly last night?____ 4 or more drinks yesterday?____

Hopefully you scored well but the real point of the exercise is to learn to focus on the positive aspects of life and count our blessings. It would be great if we all helped each other out, particularly when our personal skills apply to the "opportunity". Could it be that "an eye for an eye" could be interpreted as "when you save an eye you actually save your own as well"?

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Love the World, Love your Neighbor, Love Life. Happiness will be your Reward!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. (: